Dillon Gilmore

mail@dyll.in | https://dyll.in | 619.928.2565


To work with smart people on hard and interesting problems. To help make the world a better place and make positive contributions to society.


Programming Languages PHP, Ruby, Bash, JavaScript, Go, SQL, PowerShell, Groovy
Infrastructure as Code Ansible, Chef, Terraform
Operating Systems Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc)
Networking DNS, Cloud VPC Configuration, Debugging
CI/CD Jenkins, Capistrano
Build Systems Make, Rake
Web Frameworks Yii, Zend, WordPress, jQuery
Testing Frameworks Selenium, PHPUnit, InSpec
Containers / Orchestration Docker, Kubernetes
Databases MySQL, MongoDB, Solr, Redis
Package / Dependency Management RPM, Ruby Gems, pip, Composer, Helm, maven
Monitoring/Logging Splunk, Pagerduty
Web Servers/Load Balancing HAProxy, NGINX, Apache HTTP Server
Virtual Machines VirtualBox, VMWare (Fusion / Workstation), Vagrant, Minikube
Cloud Hosting GCP, AWS, DitigalOcean, Linode


Shipwire 2014 - present

Shipwire is a fulfillment and logistics company known for their easy to use API’s and integrations

DevOps Engineering

  • Helped change application behavior and package applications in Helm for use with Kubernetes
  • Planned, deployed, and documented a failover process for the production applications
  • Configured high availability for: Redis, MongoDB, Solr
  • Worked with many internal teams to help drive a cloud migration to GCP
  • Rewrote existing release automation to make production releases a hands-off process
  • Developed and maintained infrastructure testing suites using InSpec
  • Developed CI/CD solutions as code using various Jenkins extension points
  • Maintained application packages and service/init configuration
  • Wrote various monitoring applications in Go, Python, and Clojure
  • Helped deploy and configure 3rd party monitoring systems (PagerDuty, Prometheus, ServerDensity)
  • Developed and maintained solutions for local and AWS sandboxes using Vagrant, Chef and Terraform
  • Wrote documentation and held training sessions for usage on internal tooling
  • Providing daily support to development teams for local and cloud based development environments and production changes
  • Participated in weekly on-call rotation
  • Established a process to resolve and prioritize routine incidents

Software Engineering

  • Wrote various integration libraries into 3rd party API’s (Marketo, HubSpot, etc)
  • Principal engineer for Marketing driven projects and multiple redesigns
  • Developed and maintained a variety of WordPress plugins and themes for integration into various sites
  • Developed a supporting micro CMS for API documentation written in Go with a git backed database system
  • Extended the monolithic PHP-based API for integration into Marketing projects
  • Planned and developed various micro-sites with a focus on code reuse

VentureBeat 2013 - 2014

VentureBeat is a news organization with a focus on technology

Software Engineering

  • Primary developer for sales driven projects (micro-sites) largely based on WordPress
  • Developed systems for tracking down bugs in WordPress’ event based system
  • Advised and reacted to production incidents
  • Developed and maintained a variety of WordPress plugins and themes for integration into the site

Lexico 2012 - 2013

Lexico is a small software firm with a focus on custom web-based software solutions

Software Engineering

  • Popularized the usage of git for source control
  • Developed CI/CD solutions for quickly deploying staging and production changes
  • Principal engineer for a PHP web application
  • Designed and maintained MySQL database
  • Designed RESTful API (JSON) for 3rd party integration and native client integration
  • Assisted development for native clients written in Python and C#
  • Developed and maintained a variety of WordPress plugins and themes for integration into sites