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Disclaimer: I am an advocate for better privacy protections. As such, my views might be different, but I am always willing to listen to new views and opinions in order to better my own perspective.

That being said, I think Google has done some great things. In this post, I would like to go over those good things as well as point out where they could use improvement. Finally, I’ll point out what I think are acceptable services to use under Google’s umbrella and also point out which services to avoid altogether.

For a brief list of services I use check out [this](“/posts/services”) post.

The Good

The Bad


Google’s contribution to Linux and Open Source has forever changed the technology landscape. They proved that open source is so viable that we now have Microsoft contributing a ton of their code to open source as well. I would argue that without Google, Microsoft wouldn’t have pushed for Linux or Open Source as they have been doing in recent years. Maybe I’m wrong and would enjoy a rebuttle if I am.

Supporting Google through GCP, in my opinion, would be something I would vouch for. I think their services are top notch and easy to use. On top of that, their pricing is a bit cheaper compared to alternatives.

Besides that, I think all of Google’s other products and services should be avoided until (if) they start focusing more on user experience and taking privacy more seriously.